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Customs Preliminarily Finds Evasion of AD/CVD Orders, Will Investigate


WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 2, 2021) – Based on a preliminary finding that evasion has occurred, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) has initiated a formal investigation under the Enforce and Protect Act (“EAPA”) against 15 importers of quartz surface products. CBP is investigating whether these importers have evaded the antidumping and countervailing duty (“AD/CVD”) orders on quartz surface products from China. The combined AD/CVD rates for quartz surface products imported from China are between 300 and 400 percent.

CBP has determined that evidence establishes a reasonable suspicion that importers entered the merchandise through evasion. Specifically, evidence suggests that imports from China are being transshipped through Malaysia in an unlawful attempt to conceal the true country of origin in order to avoid payment of the duties. The 15 importers identified are:

· AAA Innovation LLC

· Astera Kitchen and Bath, Inc.


· GHS Group, LLC

· Gin Investments Corp.

· Gold Stone Kitchen Depot Inc.

· Granite Collection Inc.

· Ilkem Marble & Granite Inc.

· Next Generation Marble and Granite LLC

· North Creation Granite Co.

· RQ Sales Co. LLC

· RQ Sales LLC

· The Top Shop, Inc.

· Total Scope Cabinets and Tops LLC

· YNJ Management LLC

Following this initial determination, CBP has seven months to conduct its investigation and determine the appropriate penalties.

The EAPA allegations and supporting evidence were submitted to CBP by Schagrin Associates on behalf of its client Cambria Company LLC (“Cambria”), a family-owned producer of natural stone surfaces located in La Sueur, Minnesota. Schagrin Associates previously represented Cambria in the investigations that resulted in the imposition of the AD/CVD orders.

Cambria and Schagrin Associates are committed to ensuring that the trade remedies obtained to protect an important U.S. industry are given full effect, and they applaud CBP’s decision to initiate this important investigation.



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